SF Weekly Letters September 11-17, 2013

Taking on Water

America's Cup is a drain on San Francisco: Gavin Newsom and everyone else who pushed this giant fiscal turd upon the city should be publicly shamed and forced to be held accountable ["America's Comp," Joe Eskenazi, Your Humble Narrator, 9/4]. No more promotions, no more campaign donations or anything for him and the lot that promoted this.


Art Spectrum

Fall Arts Guide gets kudos: Great work ["Fall Arts Guide: Highbrow/Lowbrow" SF Weekly Staff, feature, 9/4]! Might be the first season preview piece I've read where I actually want to see everything listed. Also, the fact that it's full of indie awesomeness doesn't hurt. Thank you!


Blog Commentsof the Week

Reader says we need more weirdos and less rich kids: When this is the only kind of weirdo I can find in San Francisco, it's time to move ["Local Stranger With Foot Fetish Offering Cheap Rent in Exchange for Daily Foot Sex," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 9/5]. All we have are psychotics like this guy and social-media-specialist white kids who get paid too much and jack up my rent.


Argument about BART being unable to run 24/7 doesn't add up: What an absurd report ["BART Totally Stressed Out From 24-Hour Service, Proving It Can't Handle All-Night Trains," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 9/4]. The concept is patently laughable, that it is some sort of surprise that maintenance requirements and a few minor problems increased when BART was used more than it is normally. Use something more and it has to be repaired more often. What a profound revelation!

Of course wear-and-tear increased when the system was used more. And notably, there were no major crises whatsoever. So Sherbert's argument that BART can't run longer because it had a few minor problems is utter nonsense.

Clearly, the evidence of the past five days shows that by simply adding more funding and some expansion, the BART system could easily run 24/7 just as effectively as it does now.


Still waiting for Muni to show up: I live and work near South Beach and I have yet to see a single E-Line train ["Muni E-Line, From Wharf to Ballpark, May Be Made Permanent," Joe Eskenazi, the Snitch 8/27]. I have actually been hoping for this line to show up, as another alternative for getting up the Embarcadero north of Market.



In last week's Fall Arts Guide, we incorrectly stated the size of the screens in "Christina Marie and Ensemble: Signaling Arcana/4 TRAINS." They are three 20-foot screens. SF Weekly regrets the error.

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