I think i'll wear a computer today

No one takes tech as seriously as San Francisco, and we're not afraid to wear it proudly — literally. But there's a whole wearable tech world beyond Google Glass. As the people at Stained Glass Labs understand it, fashion is an art in and of itself, and emphasizing design mentality means endless possibilities of aesthetically pleasing, wearable computing. Stained Glass Labs is teaming up with popular technology blog Ubergizmo to end its three-day glass and wearable technology conference, Glazed, with a Tech Fashion Show that will feature innovative wearable tech demos. The company aims to lead the wearable tech movement into a social stratosphere engaged with art and humanity rather than against it. The Digital Fall show will feature Manic Designs by Rachel Riot, Roc Rio by Rickie Lee, and Christina Morgan Cree, and put attendees in conversation with designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Mon., Sept. 30, 7 p.m., 2013
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