"Mademoiselle C": Starting a Luxury Magazine is Really Luxurious

Mademoiselle C In 2011, Carine Roitfeld left her job as editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris to create a new similar-but-different publication called CR Fashion Book, and director Fabien Constant's documentary Mademoiselle C follows the adorably raccoon-eyed Roitfeld on this journey. Roitfeld knows pretty much everybody in the fashion world, and in spite of Condé Nast's dick move of pressuring photographers to not work with her, they all seem to show up at one point or another, including everybody's favorite possible vampire (and confirmed steamed-apple aficionado), Karl Lagerfeld. The degree of name-dropping gets to be ludicrous at times; over footage that Roitfeld herself took from her table at the 2012 Met Ball, the names of all the big-shot celebrities in her general vicinity start piling up on the screen, long beyond the point where it might seem impressive. (That James Franco really gets around, doesn't he?) When it's not gawking at all the famous people in Roitfeld's world, Mademoiselle C does offer some interesting glimpses into the life of a French fashion bigwig, especially regarding her family: Her adult son Vladimir has to explain to Roitfeld why she's called a MILF, and when Vladimir dreamily opines that all boys think their mothers are beautiful but it's especially true in his case, it's just about the most French thing ever.

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