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Sidewalk Chalk Politics
Occupy SF has resurfaced, this time camping out at City Hall, where it's reportedly giving Mayor Ed Lee a really hard time. The San Francisco Examiner noted that a group of people claiming to represent the Occupy San Francisco movement has chosen City Hall so it can easily send Mayor Lee messages for his alleged dismissiveness of the local homeless. So the other day, occupiers set up shop outside the City Hall's main entrance and, using colorful chalk, penned equally colorful messages on the sidewalk. They referred to the mayor as an "ass-hat," a "dick," and a "douche" — in pink no less. The unscheduled public comment period didn't last long, as a city custodian busted out his garden hose and washed away the unflattering talk. Sheriff's deputies and San Francisco police stood outside, keeping an eye on the scene. No word on whether the Occupy crew had plans to express its disdain via a game of Pictionary outside City Hall.

Karl the Fog Goes Corporate
The Twitter account @KarlTheFog — a personification of San Francisco's omnipresent moisture — struck a chord in this Internet-savvy city and became the definitive meme for local condensation. But there's a distinction between enjoying twee tweets and having them marketed to your demographic; that's distinctly less whimsical. And it remains to be seen how charming Karl's act will be now that "he" has loaned "his" imprimatur to a massive corporate entity: Karl is now an official "weather adviser" for airline Virgin America. Sean Harris, a Virgin America spokesman, tell us that in his role, "Mr. the Fog advises Virgin America on how he plans to affect our guests' travel and offers tips for how to make the most of their time in San Francisco. He's wanted to start writing more for a while now so he's really looking forward to contributing to Flyer Feed as a guest blogger." The company has no stated plans to hire any other weather conditions at this time.

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