"Metallica: Through the Never": This is What Happens When Metallica Plays Your Town

Metallica: Through the Never Nimród Antal's IMAX 3D concert film is a valentine to hardcore Metallica fans, and a potentially numbing experience for those who only know "Enter Sandman." Just as the concert is beginning, a young roadie named Trip (Dane DeHaan) is sent to retrieve a Heavy Metal McGuffin on the streets of Vancouver, where he encounters riots, lynchings, and what seems to be an impending apocalypse. (Metalocalypse actually would have been a perfect name for the film, had Dethklok not already claimed it.) A lot of what Trip experiences feels random, though it probably all makes perfect sense to those steeped in Metallica lore. And yet, Metallica: Through the Never might have benefited from spending more time on the streets with Trip. The concert footage gets repetitive, in spite of Metallica's elaborate theater-in-the-round stage show with fire and crosses and a voluptuous Lady Justice statue — and someone really should have told drummer Lars Ulrich to not make his trademark "Grrrr!" face into the IMAX cameras. (Speaking of cameras, a significant portion of the audience is recording the show with their cell phones.) Unsurprisingly, Metallica: Through the Never is grim and humorless, containing exactly one intentional joke. In fairness, though, that's the same number of jokes as in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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