"Concussion": The Most Interesting Possible Result of Getting Beaned by a Baseball

What a difference a couple decades makes: Had a movie with a plot like Stacie Passon's directorial debut Concussion been made in the 1990s, it would have been the kind of soft-core porn that debuted on Cinemax, or went straight to VHS. After getting conked on the head by her adopted son's errant baseball, married lesbian Abby (Robin Weigert) begins to realize that she's unsatisfied with suburban domesticity, eventually becoming a high-end escort in the city. There are plenty of scenes of sex and affection, and had Concussion been made it the 1990s, the inevitably straight male director would have geared those scenes more toward male fantasies of lesbians. (And it probably would have been called something like Lesbian Night Call Girl). Serious movies by and about lesbians were scarce in those days, though perhaps not coincidentally, Concussion's producer Rose Troche directed one of the most important lesbian films, 1994's Go Fish. While that was a story of identity and separatism, this movie looks at post-assimilation doldrums (though Go Fish's characters might have objected that most of Concussion's lesbians are long-haired femmes, as might some modern butches). It's a midlife crisis story in which Abby being lesbian is not a major plot point, nor does it need to be. Restlessness and desire are universal emotions.

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