Camera Shy: Thieves Post Up Outside Cop Shop

Last week, web journalist Luke Thomas returned to his 1993 Specialized Stumpjumper bicycle to find it missing its seat. In this city, such an experience was only a matter of time. But the miscreant or miscreants who made off with the component chose an odd spot to do it — right in front of police headquarters at 850 Bryant.

This was undertaken in broad daylight in an area crawling with police officers, sheriff's deputies, and other law enforcement figures outfitted in intimidating uniforms and sporting intimidating haircuts and firearms.

Thomas was surprised. Then he wandered into the building and inquired about the surveillance footage — and grew really surprised. The police cheerily told him there isn't any.

Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Susan Fahey confirms what Thomas was told: "There are no cameras on the front of 850 Bryant." There are cameras on the inside, and pointing down the hall, but if a horde of Visigoths thundered down Bryant — and liberated every bike saddle in sight — there's no film to end up on YouTube. Or in court.

Thomas isn't exactly sitting around waiting for an arrest. There is no footage. And, sadly, there is no seat.

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