The Snatch: Considering Love the Ultimate Drug

Bookworm Drug Bust

$1.2 billion in sales and hundreds of kilograms of drugs later, Silk Road is closed. The alleged founder and operator of Silk Road — the Deep Web marketplace where illegal drugs were bought and sold using Bitcoin — was arrested on Tuesday at the public library in Glen Park, according to Reuters. Ross Ulbricht, 29, ran Silk Road from a series of locations in New York and in San Francisco, under the handle "Dread Pirate Roberts" from January 2011 until last Tuesday, when FBI agents nabbed him. It all began when he used a Gmail account with his real name. Investigators kept tabs on the account, and intercepted a shipment of fake IDs ordered by Dread Pirate Roberts — which were shipped to an address on 15th Street, where Ulbricht rented a room for $1,000 a month under the fake name "Josh," which is way less intimidating than "Scarface."

Hand It to the Lesbians

A new study published in the Journal of Homosexuality is advising us to get a grip — especially if you're a straight woman. The study examined factors of hand-holding behaviors in lesbian relationships to determine if they were more egalitarian than in hetero relationships, where men often have the upper hand — literally. Researchers surveyed 340 women in same-sex relationships across the U.S.; participants were asked to take their partner's hand in whatever way seemed "most natural and comfortable." They were then questioned on a variety of factors. Of those, the two that made a difference in hand positioning were height and whether the women had dated men in the past. The taller person tended to have the dominant hand positioning, and the partner who'd dated men tended to have the submissive hand. "Our results suggest that hand holding position does not reflect a dominance or power differential between partners, at least within a female-female relationship," the researchers explained. So when it comes to power equilibrium in lesbian relationships, you're in good hands.

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