The Snatch: Extremely Proud of Our Breaking Nudes

Californians Mess With Texas Pride

Even with a nanny-state-style government, Californians are proud to be living in the Golden State. A new survey released by Survata showed that Oregon, California, and Washington were among the proudest states, each with more than 42 percent of respondents saying they were "extremely proud" to live there. And for all their talk about how damn great their state is, Texans aren't as proud as ya'll have been made to believe. Surveyors were blown away to learn that only 36 percent, not 100 percent, of Texas residents were extremely proud of their state, while 12 percent were not proud at all — and the majority of those dissatisfied denizens were women who are probably going to vote for Wendy Davis.

The Gymnastics of Justice

Despite pleas from San Francisco prosecutors, a judge last week released Yeiner Perez, BART's infamous naked acrobat, from jail. According to the Public Defender's Office, 24-year-old Perez was released on his own recognizance so he could seek mental health services in Alameda County. He has already scheduled an intake appointment for this week. The former circus trouper had been behind bars since early June after his nude assaults on BART passengers while performing acrobatics, including aerials, the splits, and impressive handstands. His attorney, Paul Myslin, recently filed a motion for his release, saying the Department of Public Health refuses to approve funding that would allow Perez admission into San Francisco's Behavioral Health Court, which would give him the mental health services he needs. That's because when Perez was arrested, he told authorities he lived in Berkeley, and the program is only available to San Francisco residents. Although he has a stay-away order for the 16th Street BART station where the incident occurred, Perez is free to ride. But according to his attorneys, he opted to have a friend pick him up from jail.

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