Your 5-Year-Old Probably Couldn't Do Better

The paintings of Lexis Rubenis sit on the sweet spot between abstract and surreal, as though the artist had swiped the back of his hand across a still-wet Salvador Dali masterpiece. The resulting images are a bit unsettling, lines crisp but shapes slightly out of phase, like mist on the verge of coalescing into something tangible. Titles like "The Improbability of Perceptible Attraction," "Diminishments Uninterested with Endlessness," and "Unpresentable Contradictions Administered through Thinking" suggest the artist has some insight into what they might become. Whether they're monochromatic and organic or multicolored and collage-like, Rubenis calls the style of his acrylic paintings "subconscious imagery," also the title of his latest show. While the paintings may have originated deep within his psyche — with a nod to the graffiti art he cites as an influence — how he got them on canvas remains a mystery. The artist prefers to keep his technique under wraps, so whether his patterns were the result of a complex algorithm or a serendipitous swipe, only he knows.

Nov. 1-23, 2013
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