Sizzle and Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


We spent the weekend shivering and dancing at Treasure Island Music Festival, where smaller acts like the sister-rockers Haim, New York party-starters Holy Ghost!, and local rapper Antwon played some of the finest sets. But headliners Atoms for Peace and Beck came through, too: Turns out the latter has a killer moonwalk, as we learned during his brilliant cover of "Billie Jean."

Move over twerkers: Yiking is the new Bay Area dance craze. It's kind of like extreme twerking, but with more spirited side-to-side motion and a partner required. You know you're doing it right if you have whiplash the next day.

What if you could make a musical instrument out of paper? That's the promise of MusicInk, an Italian project that uses conductive ink, stencils, and an app to turn construction paper into a basic instrument that kids can use to learn music. It's still in the prototype stages now, but paint-your-own-piano could be on the market soon.


We went behind the scenes at the first S.F. broadcast of Boiler Room, a London-based webcast that films underground dance parties around the world. The warehouse gathering was crowded, chaotic, and at times thrilling. But we wondered why, after coming all the way to S.F., organizers only put two local DJs on the sprawling lineup.

There's a problem with metal reunions: Many reunited groups, like Carcass, are making interesting new music, but focus their live shows on earlier work in order to please nostalgia-obsessed fans. Meanwhile, tired bands can tour forever on one good, old album they play completely. We think they should push themselves and their fans to grow, not stagnate.

Metallica's Through the Never sci-fi concert film got slayed by the box office, grossing just $3.2 million after two weeks in theaters. Some of that might be the fault of Gravity taking over IMAX screens, but it probably didn't help that the film was repetitive, grim, and humorless— not to mention confusing.

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