The Snatch: Learning About Our Bodies, Together

Two Vaginas Walk into a Bar

San Francisco's incredibly lifelike mayor, Ed Lee, has a tendency to say odd things when the words aren't written down, as 300 guests at Supervisor David Chiu's Friday wedding reception can attest. In an event at 1 Ferry Plaza, the mayor left the crowd dumbfounded when he quipped that Chiu, now a married man, "won't have to participate in 'The Vagina Dialogues'" anymore. This was confusing and awkward on so many levels. First of all, the play Lee is referencing is called The Vagina Monologues. Lee was making an inside joke here — but only around three people in the entire room got it. The day before, Chiu had appeared at a fundraiser for the Filipina Women's Network. This group's signature event is a Vagina Monologues performance, and Chiu had noted that you're not really a part of the Filipina Women's Network until you attend one of these performances. Chiu knew his audience. Lee didn't. "It was just so ham-handed," said one guest. Chiu, we are told, laughed at the mayor's joke. He's got a sense of humor, that one.

Pissed-Off Restaurant

In case the scent of fresh urine on the streets of San Francisco didn't convince you that this city could use another public restroom (or 50), we just came across more evidence: Phuket Thai in the city's Lower Haight has decided to open its bathroom to non-customers — for a fee. Curious about this side business, we called Phuket, where we spoke to an employee named Mary. She confirmed that the restaurant was indeed collecting cash from non-diners, and, from her perspective, for good reason. "We have to pay for our water and toilet tissue — everything," Mary said, adding that the managers were fed up with randoms dropping in and clogging the toilets. So far, the new powder room policy seems to be working. "Some will buy a drink or some will pay if they really need it," Mary said. Now, moving on to the next pissing contest...

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