Overgrown Mustache: Lyft's Spinoffs

It took all of a couple months for the car-hire service Lyft to turn a Pepto-pink mustache into a branding empire. A year since the company's genesis, the hairy logo hasn't just become ubiquitous on car bumpers; it's now one of the most desirable trademarks in San Francisco. And evidently, Lyft is willing to share it.

According to a spokeswoman, Lyft's pink mustache trademark applies only to transportation, meaning that if you slapped a fuchsia beard on your sedan and christened it a taxi service, you'd get a cease-and-desist order. But Lyft seems amenable to spinoffs within its own ranks. Enterprising drivers have created "themed" rides — Disco Lyft, Hip-Hop Lyft — each one a cult of personality and a form of brand extension.

Lyft's founders don't seem to mind. Nor did they object when driver Davis Lee created his own line of Lyft paraphernalia — mustache hats, mustache Letterman jackets, embroidered mustache patches — which he sells at-cost to other employees. Lee is a new breed of company man for a company that's "disruptive," but seems to inspire slavish loyalty. (McDonald's employees aren't clamoring to home-produce Golden Arches merchandise, even if the company would let them.) To acolytes, the mustache enshrines a set of values as well as a brand identity. And company brass agree.

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Unfortunately this is another example of sloppy reporting by the Weakly.  The trademark on the pepto-pink mustache is in fact owned by Mylk, the app that helps friends share milk and milk-like substances. The taxi service "Lyft" is an uninspired copycat, which has “borrowed” not only our mustache but the "Y" from our name, all in the name of a boring app for sharing taxis, which anyone can tell you is far less interesting and life-transforming than sharing milk and milk-like substances.

It is Swan, however, who made the mistake of crediting Lyft with our trademarked slogan ("We Inspire Slavish Loyalty" (TM). Also, it is we, Mylk, who instituted the concept of “Blyng,” which is the name for the imaginative, occasionally disturbing items our Mylkers produce to give their milk-sharing a unique “Styyle,” as we like to call it.

Please, Weakly, do try to get it right. We are happy campers here at Mylk but we do work hard and like to be appreicated for our efforts to make San Francisco a great city for sharing milk and milk-like substances.

And if you ever do meet a happy, lively, and emotionally fascinating Lyft driver, you can be sure that they didn’t get that way from driving a boring car around all day. Check their upper lip – they’ve probably been drinking Mylk!

Mylk – We Inspire Slavish Obedience! (TM)


What is @mylk?  Sharing milk and milk-like substances doesn't sound all that interesting at all.  At least Lyft provides a service people need and use. 

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