Heart of Glass: A UCSF Surgeon Marks a Medical and Fashionable Milestone

San Franciscans disturbed by our city's acquiescence to all things tech can take solace: In a recent New Yorker essay about wandering through life wearing Google Glass, Gary Shteyngart claims that, in New York, "I am a conquering hero." In this city, however, "the term 'Glassholes' is already current."

So, leave it to San Francisco to devise a setting in which sporting Google Glass doesn't seem ostentatious. Being surrounded by anesthetized patients is a good start.

UC San Francisco's Dr. Pierre Theodore has become the first sanctioned Google Glass-wearing surgeon to receive the approval of an institutional review board — an ethical body convened to review medical research on humans. Theodore, a cardiothoracic surgeon, uploads CT and X-ray images into his Google Glass prior to an operation. He can then check these images, which are relegated to his peripheral vision, as needed, without even moving his head. "It allows you to not lose your concentration directly with the patient," he says in a UCSF-produced video.

San Franciscans may not be ready to hail a Google Glass wearer as a conquering hero. But only the most heartless person would attempt to mumble "Glasshole" to their doctor as they're slipping under.

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