Healing Leap

Guardianas de la Vida is a healing ceremony, a chance for reflection, and a call to action. It asks us to pause and consider why violence against women is still a worldwide problem in 2013, and to spare a few moments to acknowledge our country's own violent history. To do this, Guardianas brings together a crew of dancers, poets and visual artists to present work that calls for peace, healing, and justice. This year's headline performance is from Flamenco master La Tania, who will dance to an original piece written and performed by pianist Hector Armiento. Also performing are Bay Area writers Nina Serrano and Kim Shuck, multidisciplinary artist Paloma McFly, and Cuban folkloric group Arenas Dance Company. Scheduling the event over Thanksgiving weekend was no accident. "Violence against women and children, particularly in communities of color, must be treated as a human rights violation," says MamaCoatl, the event's curator. "At no time of the year is this intervention more appropriate than the last week of November, when the American identity is reinforced by the unconscious glorification of genocide inherent in the Thanksgiving holiday."

Sat., Nov. 30, 6 p.m., 2013
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