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SF Weekly Letters November 20-26,2013 


Man Behind the Camera

Great profile piece on a well-known San Francisco personality: Stanley Roberts sounds like a fine fellow, and the article was of the quality of a classic New Yorker profile of years past ["Man on the Street," Joe Eskenazi, feature, 11/13]. Congratulations to both the writer and the subject.


The camera doesn't lie: Repeat after me: "It is hilarious to see – thank God that it's not me!" I love Stanley Roberts. That camera is like a mirror and there is no denying what people see in it. Kudos to Roberts for his work! If people could just learn to accept their own faults and act accordingly, a better world would be in the making; but some just choose to act up even more. Keep that camera rolling!


Blog Comments of the Week

Takes certain type of person to show such grace: Wow, that father shows such compassion and grace in the face of their family tragedy ["Sasha Fleischman: Father of Teen Lit on Fire Writes an Open Letter to the Public," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 11/14]. I'm impressed.

Tam T.

It it was an empty car then he's not being a seat hog: How about a few pics of those sneaking in the back door dodging the fare ["Guy on Muni Takes Up Multiple Seats, Only Cares About Himself," Erin Sherbert, 11/14]? If this Muni light rail wasn't crowded, then no harm; if it was, then take a pic of the rest of the light-rail passengers all standing up to back up the argument. Otherwise, the photographer should keep her smartphone to herself and open her mouth and ask him to move.

Thomas M.

People can't change a word's meaning just because someone wants to: Becca Gorman may be 15 years old, but she does not realize that she cannot dictate the meanings of words, regardless of whether or not the meanings are deemed offensive ["Massachusetts Teen Asks Apple to Change Meaning of 'Gay'," Rachel Swan, the Snitch, 11/7]. There are going to be a lot of people offended by various definitions, regardless of what anyone says. The word in question has three different meanings, and I don't see any reason why Apple should change its definitions.


editor's note

What a weird week. Or rather, maybe better to say what a weird issue. This week we present our feature on the trials on tribulations of Ross Ulbricht, alleged founder of drug site Silk Road and product of San Francisco tech. A man hiding behind a kind of mask. We're also coming out of the spiritual ticker-tape parade of another masked fellow, the Dark Squire himself, Batkid. Talk of what that all meant tore the newsroom apart last Friday; it's what working at The Daily Bugle must be like.

And too this week we launch Chris Roberts' new column, Chem Tales, "a trip through drugs in America and what chemicals alter: police, politics, prisons, and parties." The first installment casts San Francisco as an indecisive place — a playground run by children, for children. So feel free to cut out the mask on the cover, tape it to your face, and lie low til things calm down around here.

Brandon R. Reynolds


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