Beyonce: Show Preview

For anyone who's been cryogenically frozen for the past decade and is now rejoining us to wonder why that girl from Destiny's Child seems to be in every TV commercial they see, the way Beyoncé's current national tour is being billed — not as a Beyoncé tour, but as "The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Starring BEYONCÉ" — is a pretty good starting point. The former Ms. Knowles is no longer an artist so much as she's the ringleader of a brand-name circus (with an ongoing Pepsi tie-in), shorthand for a pop-culture atmosphere in which the Internet screeches to a halt when a musician posts a photo of her haircut on Tumblr. She was just in the Bay Area in July, but if this year's Super Bowl show taught us anything, it's that the woman believes in the power of a serious dance routine, among other visual spectacles — so it's a safe bet she'll be bringing something new to the juggling act this time around.

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