As in so many tropes, the favored colors of the 1970s recapitulate those of the 1960s — but without the mitigating context. This was just bad taste for the sake of bad taste: tangerine, fire red, bright olive, and, yes, electric blue. Kelly-Moore's big-sellers of the 1980s seem to be specially chosen to match gratuitous faux-wood paneling and outfits of the sort favored by Nancy Reagan. These were dire times.

Today, Lawlor boasts, her company operates proprietary software it can use to lay on exterior color options when provided with digital images of a structure: A high-tech solution for a high-tech city. And the favored color options for today's San Francisco?

Earth tones. As LeForestier might put it, plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Three years ago, an enterprising French-born Chronicle writer named Alexis Venifleis tracked down la maison bleue on 18th Street between Sanchez and Church, ending four decades of Gallic house-hunting. If the structure in 1973 epitomized that age of the city, so, in its way, does the current version. Gone are the wandering French hippies homing in on a blue beacon and walking, uninvited, through the front door. Instead, a family lives there, and, presumably, they lock the front door --- and the wrought-iron gate. The blue house is no longer blue, by the way. It's now a greenish color. An earth tone.

Per the city, the land and property are currently assessed at $2.4 million.

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Funny but I had friends visiting from France and they asked about the blue house. Not knowing where it was, I quickly drove them past Robin Williams' house in Seacliff and endend at the Cliff House for dinner.


What you are missing is the depressing trend toward shades of grey.  

Witness for example, the recent defacto demolition and reconstruction of the black, "Darth Veda" house on Castro between 29th and Valley. And that was after torturing the tony Upper Valley neighborhood with six months of jackhammers.  I like Mediterranean colors and shades of green.

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