The Growlers: Show Preview

Trevor Owsley

Tarnished oil lamps, smoke-sputtering vintage Fords, yellow-labeled whiskey bottles, and rusty six-strings: none of these have anything to do with the Growlers' music per se, but they all feel like they should. The SoCal quintet churns out psychedelic R&B doused in reverb, laced with freakshow organ, and led by the warbling, otherworldly vocals of Brooke Nielsen — a sound the band calls "beach goth." Most of the songs off its duo of 2013 releases, the album Hung at Heart and the newish EP Guilded Pleasures, come off more warm and weird than cold and scary, though – an easygoing blend of '60s garage and psychedelia, with warped hooks lurking under the dust. Give "Someday" all of 30 seconds, and its merseybeat groove will get deep into your veins, not unlike some ancient trinket you found in a curio shop and just had to have.

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