The Snatch: It's Lovely Weather for a Lawsuit Together With You

Paging Dr. Bitcoin

Meet Paul Abramson of My Doctor Medical Group, a personalized medical service that accepts the virtual currency Bitcoin. In a post on the group's website, Abramson stressed its commitment to privacy, and said that allowing the anonymous payment system helped insulate patients from a "financial system that can't easily be controlled." Meanwhile, Internet Archive founder and Bitcoin evangelist Brewster Kahle says that when his organization offered clients the opportunity to open Bitcoin accounts in its credit union, the FBI objected. Yet just last week, Bank of America issued an analysis extolling the virtues of the new currency. Besides promoting alternative currency, Abramson also encourages people to monitor their health via iPhone apps. Perhaps it was inevitable that he would eventually dub himself Dr. Bitcoin, whose healthcare plan just might put Obamacare out of business.

Dreaming of a Trite Christmas

This weekend's yearly SantaCon saturnalia featured hordes of drunken, lascivious Kringles leaving lumps of substances that weren't exactly coal throughout San Francisco. The city, however, didn't exactly leave out milk and cookies for the revelers. A purported event organizer was cited at Duboce Park for failing to apply for the proper permits. A man allegedly attempting to unload faux snow from a pickup truck was further cited for "illegal dumping." The organizers, however, aren't jolly about this, and vow to initiate a Santa vs. The Law battle in the forthcoming months. Per the SantaCon site: "Santa wishes there could have been more snow for you at Duboce Park but the SF Park Police made SF Santa leave and cited he and Mrs. Claus for an un-permitted event and for littering (apparently snow is litter). Rest assured Santa intends to fight the charges in court. ... Nothing can stop the Red Tide." Other cities have given Santa a truly hard time. But it took San Francisco to formally issue citations and invoke the specter of court proceedings. A red-nosed lawyer may yet factor in to the situation.

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