Sizzle and Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


In an actual holiday miracle, Carlos Santana was reunited with a former percussionist who'd been living homeless in Oakland. They found each other after conga player Marcus Malone was featured in a local TV news report. Now the Latin legend says he's helping his old friend — who left the band before it played Woodstock in '69 — get off the streets.

You probably haven't heard of them, but the American Professionals are living up to their name: They're a veteran local rock trio that is actually making a living in music — partly through lucky licensing deals and chief songwriter Chuck Lindo's skill at writing jingles. Catch their new album release show Jan. 29 at Botton of the Hill.

The American Professionals gave us a report from the board room.
The American Professionals gave us a report from the board room.

Know what we love about San Francisco? That a diverse crowd of a hundred or so can assemble on the ground floor of the Main Library and bust out a seriously credible flash mob performance of "Single Ladies," complete with dancing — and the whole thing shows up on the Internet. That kind of stuff just doesn't happen in the suburbs, folks.


Ah 2013: So many terrible music videos, but so many great parodies of them. Our faves were Mumford & Sons making fun of themselves via famous comedians, SNL and Miley's side-splitting send-up "We Did Stop," and Seth Rogen and James Franco's frame-by-frame mockery of Kanye's "Bound 2." We can handle bad — if it leads to funny.

The Warren Hellman museum, a three-room tribute to the late Hardly Strictly Bluegrass founder, has closed for good. The plan was always for the place to stay open for only a year, but we'll be sad to bid farewell to this little shrine to one of the city's great music festivals, and the man who made it possible.

RapGenius, the lyrics-annotation site, got a big slap from Google after it was discovered trying to manipulate its search rankings by posting artificial links on third-party sites. As of press time, the popular site doesn't appear anywhere on the first page of a Google search for the term "rap genius." Naughty, naughty, boys!

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