SF Weekly Letters January 1-7, 2014

A Quiet Year

It's not just cannabis that needs attention: Sometimes no news is good news ["The Year That Shouldn't Have Bothered," Chris Roberts, Chem Tales, 12/25]. There's a long way to go, and California is certainly falling behind (as far as drug reform goes). There are many issues that need dealing with, and some are much more pressing than cannabis. It may prove the wiser move to see what Colorado and Washington do with their legalization legislation and how the Feds respond. U.S. citizens have too often seen that Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama often say one thing and do the exact opposite. At the very least, there should no longer be any objection to the growing of hemp. Farmers should be able to grow that crop without interference from misguided drug enforcement officers, as it contains almost no THC. Their only possible gripe could be in the difficulty in discerning between the two. Hardly something that should be any barrier at all.


Blog Comments of the Week

Old friends reunite through a twist of fate: Great to hear Carlos Santana is helping out a [friend], but it is not the first time he's helped someone, I'm sure ["Santana Reunites With Homeless Former Band Member After Seeing Him on TV," Ian S. Port, All Shook Down 12/23]. Also excited to hear he's trying to get his original band together; now, that I would pay to see.

Kimo S.

San Francisco is not the best city in the U.S.: I was born and bred in S.F., the Mission to be exact, and in all my years I've never felt so disappointed with the city ["San Francisco Voted Fourth Best U.S. City for 2013," Jonathan Ramos, the Exhibitionist, 12/23]. Seriously, a lot of shit has to change before San Francisco can grab that top spot. #realtalk #techiessuck #ridiculouslypricedcondos #evictions


Injured puppy needs lots of love: Prayers and love ["Injured Pup Found Abandoned at City Garbage Dump," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 12/23]. Hope his wounds heal quickly, and the wounds in his heart even more quickly. Love can do that, someone should give him his forever love.

Dawne S.

Clearing out homeless camp doesn't solve anything: This is not [the correct way] to deal with the issue ["Cops Clearing Out Homeless Camp in SOMA," Erin Sherbert. 12/23]. People need to live in dignity whether on streets or in home, apartments, etc. San Francisco government needs to address the issue of housing and mental health.

Ana K

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