Raw beef and mustard greens.
Julia Spiess
Raw beef and mustard greens.
A dramatic Coleman lantern chandelier.
Julia Spiess
A dramatic Coleman lantern chandelier.


Persimmons, sunchokes & bay scallop ceviche $12
Parsnip cake, toffee & spiced pear $6
Hearth cultured yogurt, lemon curd & winter citrus $6
S'mores — marshmallow, chocolate & chicory $12
Heirloom carrots, lentils & white sesame $12
Uni, dry-farmed potato, jalapeno & scallion $18
Raw beef, cheddar & beer, mustard greens $12
Pork cooked in tea leaves, caramelized onions & celeriac $24
Cured rainbow trout, rye waffle & dill $12
Bread, butter & coastal seaweeds $6
Loopholes $11

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I left both visits to TBD puzzled over the food I'd just eaten, the odd combinations and lackluster items, and wondered if anyone would be impressed — or just have the uncomfortable feeling that they should be. When people roll their eyes about the preciousness of the San Francisco restaurant scene, this is the kind of overwrought experience that they have in mind.

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Karl Wilder
Karl Wilder

...and like Toast silly San Franciscans will line up to get in.


Get a pulse. There are no accidents or coincidences when it comes to Chef Mark's cuisine. Everything that is on a plate is on there for good reason. TBD...RN74? 00? 1300 on Fillmore? SPQR? etc, etc. Sounds like you got hung up on a name and couldn't drink away your own misery as quickly as you are accustomed to. 

PS That Coleman lantern chandelier rocks!

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