Only Reading the Notes You Pass Us

Facebook: The Worst Friend of All

For a company that has built its empire on making sure you make friends, Facebook sure is a gossipy backstabber. You know just the kind we're talking about. According to a Bloomberg article, Facebook is being sued for its practice of intercepting private messages and then sharing them with advertisers and marketers for a buck. According to the lawsuit, when users compose messages that include links to a third-party website, Facebook helps itself to that information, scanning the contents of your private message. The company is also accused of following the links you put in those messages and looking for any information it can use to profile your web activity. This, the lawsuit states, is violating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, California privacy law, as well as the unfair competition laws. The company's practices not only reveal your private thoughts, but are a breach of Facebook's promise of "unprecedented" security options for its messaging function, Facebook users said in the complaint filed in federal court in San Jose. Naturally, Facebook is shrugging off these claims. Jackie Rooney, a spokeswoman for Facebook, told the news wire that the company believes these allegations have no merit.

A Big Plate of Creepy

Stumbling across a human skull on a paper plate is never a great way to start a New Year. Alas, some unfortunate hikers were greeted with just that kind of insanity last week as they trekked near Tilden Regional Park in Oakland. Here's what we can tell you about this gruesome finding: According to CBS News, officers responded to the area of Grizzly Peak Boulevard, about a half mile west of South Park Drive, after getting multiple calls about a human skull. When the cops arrived, they indeed found a human skull "out in the open" on a paper plate surrounded by beads, Officer Johnna Watson told the news station. The cops are now trying to determine whose skull it is and why it was out there. Creepy.

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