It's a marvelous notion. But the agency's plans, like its vehicles, seem doomed to break down. At a time when Muni hopes to draw increasing numbers of riders, it has made a serious investment in pricey "green" vehicles unable to provide the reliable service required to garner ever more passengers — many of whom are affluent enough to have options when it comes to getting from here to there. San Franciscans' warm, fuzzy feelings about boarding an environmentally friendly bus or train only last as long as it keeps running properly.

A breakdown-prone vehicle will encourage riders who can to opt out of public transit, no matter how impressively green or costly or beautiful it is.

It's taboo to suggest it in this town, but Muni might be better off investing in the latest off-the-shelf diesel technology rather than exuberantly sinking millions into the dodgy hybrids that'll look so pretty jacked up on a hydraulic lift. Reliable service and the ability to make repairs quickly and economically are "green" factors, too. Because the most environmentally friendly bus is a full bus.

The cleanest transit is the transit you take.

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aliasetc topcommenter

Residents of San Francisco are stupid to put up with a inferior transit system. Maybe they're just plain stupid!

Cynthia McGarvie
Cynthia McGarvie

When they've finally perfected the teleporter, you know damned well that Muni will try implementing that and mess it up.

Ruth Gottstein
Ruth Gottstein

And when I was a kid in SF in the 30s, transportation was just about also worked for my kids, too.

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