A comedy of Sciences

Science and comedy, they go together like Batman and a kitten. You might not have thought of putting the two together before, but once you see them, it's pretty great. This week, the California Academy of Science's NightLife event teams up with Sketchfest for Comedy NightLife. Imagine laughing at hilarious stand-up, live podcasts, and competitive erotic science fan fiction against the backdrop of glowing jellyfish and some twinkling butterflies (they twinkle, right?). Have a cocktail and see nerd-friendly comics such as Myq Kaplan, Jackie Kashian, Jon Glaser, Todd Glass, Caitlin Gill, and more, all on a Thursday evening in Golden Gate Park. If you haven't attended a NightLife event before, this is a good first one to see. The event promises a beautiful pairing of live comics and intellectual curiosity. Or, at the very least, live comics and live jellyfish.

Thu., Jan. 30, 6-10 p.m., 2014
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