Sizzle and Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


Icee Hot, one of San Francisco's most forward-looking dance parties, celebrated its fourth birthday with a fantastic night at Public Works. In the upstairs loft, Floating Points weaved from jazz to Northern Soul, while Joey Anderson enveloped the main room with a subtle, surreal lead-in to Levon Vincent's peak-time explorations.

The Grammy Awards will take place this Sunday, and a party was held to honor the Bay Area's own nominees, which include Neil Young, Les Claypool, Omar Sosa, and New Age artist Laura Sullivan, among others. Our locals were nominated in 18 categories, many of which won't make it to the telecast. We wish them all luck!

DrumPants exist, and they are exactly what they sound like: wearable pads that trigger electronic drum sounds, as well as those of other instruments. This means you can now exercise your inner Neal Peart while riding Muni — and since they accept headphones, you don't have to bother your neighbors. They're real and cost $139.99, so the future is bright, y'all.


We thought the age of everyone jumping on the EDM train came and went a couple of years ago. We were wrong: East Bay indie-rapper A-Plus has a new album unsubtly titled Molly's Dirty Water, and a single whose video trades in all the sensory stimulation you can find outside of an Oracle Arena massive. It's too ineffectual to be terrible, but it's certainly not compelling.

We got all excited about 49ers-themed rap anthems — choosing the best five of the dozens out there — only to find our hopes crushed on Sunday. Sucks that it'll be another year before we can make a go at a sixth ring. But at least we'll have some good songs to play when we finally get it.

We all know American Idol is circling the drain — even if its season premiere last week did grab 15 million viewers — so it was funny and kinda shocking to see how much Harry Connick Jr. lights up the show. Dude told a contestant that he was really Chris Isaak, and he makes jokes about how all anyone ever looks at is Jennifer Lopez. We did not expect this — but it's still not enough to get us watching.

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