The Snatch: Never Mistaking Anything for Anything Else

Safeway to Heaven

A taxi driver who mistook a walkway for an auto exit managed to strand his cab on the stairs last week at the Market and Church Safeway. Tom Nguyen, a manager at Vina Cab, told SF Weekly that driver Tseo Tran is "new to the job." Nguyen said the tenderfoot driver "on his way out, didn't know that wasn't an exit." The result was a marooned taxi and Internet immortality. Paul Rose, a spokesman for the Municipal Transportation Agency, says the investigation into what happened is ongoing. Nguyen, however, chalks it up to simple inexperience. Tran, his manager concludes, "is really very sorry."

A Healthy No. 2

A new study released last week confirms what other studies have already said about us: San Franciscans are some of the trimmest people in the nation. Health blog NerdWallet ranked our rolling city the second healthiest community in the nation. Even better, we beat out Seattle and Portland. And because you are wondering, Boston is the only city that's fitter than us. It stands to reason: San Francisco's steep landscape provides residents with a built-in interval exercise program that no treadmill could offer (at least when it comes to a scenic workout). "San Francisco is a year-round paradise for fitness gurus and outdoor adventurers, thanks to the habitually temperate weather and plenty of parks, walking paths and steep hills. Nearly 45 percent of San Francisco residents are at a healthy weight, perhaps because it's been dubbed the best city for weight loss and home to the healthiest eaters," writes NerdWallet. "And in its fifth annual survey, Women's Health magazine ranked San Francisco as the best city for women's health." And of course, knowing there's a taco stand or a bar in the far-off distance will motivate the laziest among us to march those hills.

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