Sweetmue Baked Goods: The Mission's Best Bakery You've Never Heard Of

It was very coy of Sweetmue Baked Goods to be open for months while barely telling a soul. But the world has found them. A tiny, brilliantly white shop on a leafy bit of 22nd Street just off Guerrero, it might be the Mission's most isolated commercially zoned spot, but its Asian-inspired classic French pastries were never going to be anonymous for long.

More to the point, let's just say that (pastry) muscles get flexed in here. Beyond the matcha roulade with black sesame paste, frangipane with red wine-poached pears, and the mini galette des rois, there are also savory turnovers (ham and cheese, or mushroom, leek, and truffle salt). And there are clever touches: Sweetmue bakes not only its own macarons (black sesame and jasmine tea among them) but also its own macaroons, as in the coconut cookies your mom still mixes up with the other thing. Rounding out the offerings are Gimme! Coffee and tea by Teance — and also oat-based, gluten-free doggie treats at $4 a bag.

Innovative cakes and other treats abound at Sweetmue.
Pete Kane
Innovative cakes and other treats abound at Sweetmue.

One thing to keep in mind: Sweetmue closes at the decidedly early hour of 10 a.m. Tuesday. through Thursday. Also, if you get there early enough to snag one, a salted caramel ganache tart with just the right amount of sea salt does present a slight problem for the beardier members of the human race, but gooeyness should never be a deterrent to an enjoyable afternoon confection.

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