16 Fresh Approaches to the Tired Subject of $4 Toast

As the topic of recent features in Edible SF and Pacific Standard — and another dozen-odd articles before those — it may seem like San Francisco has reached critical mass on the $4 toast think piece. Think again! There are plenty more angles for would-be authors of viral blog posts to tackle and get a piece of the pageview action:

- Profile of Heinrich Lamborghini-St. Lucia, Inventor of the $4 Toast Toaster

- Is $4 Toast Being Made on a Secret Barge in the Bay?

- Best Vines of People Paying $4 For Toast, Ranked

- Video: Watch the $4 Toast-Making Process From the Toast's Perspective

- Does $4 Toast Always Land Buttered-Side Down? A Very Costly Experiment

- $4 Toast Found to Cost Only $3.50 in Oakland

- Cronut vs. $4 Toast: What Does Your Preference Say About You?

- The Rise of $2 Microtoast

- 10 $4 Toast Toppings '90s Kids Will Love

- How the Other Half Toasts: A Family of Eight in an Illegal Mission In-Law Subsists on One $4 Slice of Toast a Day

- Getting Toasted: Barrel-Aged Cocktail Pairings for $4 Toast Toppings

- You Won't Believe Which Tech Barons Cut the Crusts Off Their $4 Toast

- Infographic: What $4 Can Buy You Instead of Artisan Toast

- Randy Jefferson Sells Bags of $4 Toast Crumbs, Puts Self Through Culinary School

- What We Talk About When We Talk About $4 Toast

- $5 Toast is Ruining San Francisco

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