Look How Much Fun They're Having!: San Francisco Politicians and the Selfie

Enhancing their digital narcissism with Twitter, local elected officials excelled in 2013. An unprecedented assortment of selfies, food porn, look-where-I-am! shots, and endless grip-and-grins were beamed into the Cloud via our leaders and/or the lackey charged with tweeting photos of someone's lunch.

Behold the calendar 2013 tally of photos and videos posted by our politicians of themselves or what they were doing.

Mayor Ed Lee: 287. An Oct. 31 shot depicts Lee outgrinning a Jack-O-Lantern.

Supervisor David Campos: 220. Many taken at Latino community events, but also photos of his bulldog, Winston, and a meeting with Joe Montana.

Supervisor Jane Kim: 161. Seven are of what she was eating at the time.

Supervisor Scott Wiener: 74. Five were taken at parks, one at Santa Skivvies Run.

Supervisor Mark Farrell: 23

Supervisor John Avalos: 22. Six of the former union organizer's photos are of demonstrations.

Supervisor David Chiu: 15. His most arresting photo was actually posted in 2012: a Christmas tree on fire.

Supervisor Malia Cohen: 14

City Attorney Dennis Herrera: 11

Supervisor Eric Mar: 10. Most eclectic: a man dressed as a Chinese terra cotta warrior figurine wandering past the Good Vibrations.

Supervisor Katy Tang: 7. Five of them were Vines.

Supervisor Norman Yee: 0.

Public Defender Jeff Adachi: 0

Treasurer Jose Cisneros: 0

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi: 0.

Supervisor London Breed: N/A. Deleted account midway through the year following a series of rancorous back-and-forths with online critics, culminating in a boast that she threw the best parties in town.

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Maurice Rivers
Maurice Rivers

They love wasting taxpayers money on foolish projects, too.

Doogle McDiggle
Doogle McDiggle

NIce. Glad to see they are making the best out of my taxes.

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