SF Weekly Letters February 5-12, 2014

Kinky Article Gets Some Love

Reader is grateful for writer's honesty: Fantastic article! ["Confessions of an American Whore," Siouxsie Q, feature, 1/29] As someone who loves a sex worker and who has nearly been arrested for being a "pimp" because of it, it feels good to know that there are people like Siouxsie Q out there actively working to make things better. She is awesome, keep it up!


This story features a very brave woman: I just wanted to say that I loved this article, particularly the parts concerning telling her father what she did for a living. I can't say that as a father I'd hope for my daughter to get into the same line of work, but I will say that if she did, I would hope that she would be as brave as Siouxsie Q was and tell me the truth about it. I also hope that in that situation I would respond with the same respect that her father did. Thanks for sharing this story, I'm looking forward to more.


Melting Ice

The failure of the S.F. hockey team did not rest on the location alone: Criticizing the Cow Palace itself seems like dodging the blame ["The Ruining of the Bulls," Joe Eskenazi, Sucka Free City, 1/29]. I have been to the Dickens Christmas Fair held at the Cow Palace every year since it started in 2000. It's been a great venue for that. In the Bay Area, where venue space is getting smaller and more expensive each year, the Cow Palace is a great place for events that are bigger than a nightclub but smaller than a sports stadium.


Blog Comments of the Week

In defense of tattoos: I completely disagree with this article; getting tattooed used to be about walking into a shop and picking a piece of flash that looked badass ["Now Justin Bieber Wants to Appropriate Tattoo Culture. Ugh." Rae Alexandra, All Shook Down, 1/29]. Tattoo TV shows have warped everyone into thinking that getting a tattoo is supposed to be some process where an artist draws out a special piece of art work that is special for an individual because he is a special snowflake that needs to commemorate the death of his first pony who loved carrots and ribbons. I also have a problem with the use of the term "cultural appropriation" in this article because it's annoying and because not all tattoos have special cultural significance and tattooed people don't have a united culture all of their own but okay, whatever, stupid article. My rant isn't in defense of Justin Bieber; I'm neutral, but in defense of tattoo flash, which is historically important, and in offense of people who think that custom tattoo work is the only tattoo work that matters.


Another reader thinks the tattoo culture is overrated: I say let Justin Bieber take the culture down a few notches. I'm tired of tattooed people and tattooists sitting there acting like they're something special and above other people. Don't get me wrong, some tattooists do amazing work, but I'm sick of the tattoo culture sitting up there on its high horse pretending to be better than everybody else. Would love to see that get knocked down a few notches, honestly.


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