Mysterious Miller

A comedian named TJ Miller is coming to town for a night during which he'll perform an extended stand-up comedy routine. Unfortunately, science tells us that without the aid of a time travel machine (a really expensive instrument that newspapers can't generally afford anymore) it's impossible to know what the stand-up performance will be like. If one examines the full catalog of TJ Miller performances, however, one could speculate that the show will be funny in a quirky-young-man sort of way. If you think you don't know who TJ Miller is, ask yourself, "Have I seen the Yogi Bear movies?" If you answered yes, you'll remember him as the actor who played the role of the curly-headed park ranger. If you answered no, then, next question: Have you ever seen the Mike Judge film Extract? Miller was in that too, and great in it, though his signature "curly hair" was replaced for the duration of that film with black stringy hair. If you haven't seen any of the above, you may recognize Miller's voice, at least, from the many comedy podcasts on which he appears, or from the various animated programs for which he's done voice work. If you're familiar with him, or if you're not, you can expect a set from Miller that's funny, thoughtful, and almost definitely a third adjective.

Sun., March 2, 7:30 p.m., 2014
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