"Love and Air Sex": Bros Can't Stop True Amour

Bryan Poyser's Love and Air Sex is simultaneously a thoughtful comedy about the difficulty of moving on after a breakup, and a travelogue of Austin's hipster scene. Much of the action takes place in and around Austin's legendary Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which would almost qualify as pandering if it weren't for the fact that what we see happening there is kind of horrible. Six months after their breakup, New Yorker Cathy (Ashley Bell) and Los Angeleno Stan (Michael Stahl-Davis) each converge on Austin – Cathy to see her friend Kara (Sara Paxton), and Stan ostensibly to hang out with his beer-chugging broheim Jeff (Zach Cregger), but mostly because he knows Cathy will be there. It's also the weekend of the Air Sex World Championships, and... yes, okay, the Drafthouse does this in real life, and it's right there in the picture's title, but there's still way too much time spent with douchey bros "fucking the air" (cf. their delightful mantra). The original title was The Bounceback, and those elements are the much more interesting parts of the movie, especially Stan's SMS flirtation with Haley (Addison Timlin), a cellist who may be the only sane Austinite. There's a lot to like in Love and Air Sex, but it depends on your tolerance for bros at their bro-iest.

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