Sizzle and Fizzle: Highs and Lows from the Last Week in S.F. Music


Some people on YouTube are making music with floppy drives. Yes, those old things you used to put disks into. Turns out you can program one to vibrate at a certain frequency — and make eight of them turn out a pretty decent version of Pachelbel's Canon. But they sound much more appropriate doing Daft Punk's "Aerodynamic."

Whatever your thoughts on the forces changing S.F., there's a growing wave of music that is loudly opposed to them — to change, to wealth, to techies, to Google buses, to all of it. The latest salvo from "queer feminist multimedia electro-punk" band Violent Vickie lays things out pretty clearly in its title: "Fuck You!!!!!" Not sure we agree, but we do enjoy the song.

We are big fans of sublime East Bay electronic bummer-pop outfit James & Evander, so naturally we like Pale Blue Dot, a new side project from J&E's Adam Myatt. Calling its style "Carl Sagan disco," the trio offers a heavy dose of retro-futurism with a distinctly optimistic tint, and performs Feb. 28 at the New Parish in Oakland.


Hey, look: Morrissey is pretending he's going to play a show in the Bay Area! Sure, he's canceled all six shows he's scheduled here in the last three years — due to illness, he claims — but the beloved British brooder now plans to play San Jose's City National Civic Theatre on May 7. We're not holding our breath.

We watched Billy Ray Cyrus' video for "Achy Breaky 2" — the sequel to 1992's huge hit — and were totally flummoxed. Why was Billy Ray Cyrus wandering the Kentucky woods with a young black boy? Was Larry King apologizing for the whole endeavor, or just his involvement in it? And is there any way to erase that three minutes and 33 seconds from our memory?

Music isn't the only thing some artists like to perform in concert. We rounded up the rock world's most mischievous public pissers, who include the Butthole Surfers (pee-filled whiffle bat), Ozzy Osbourne (peed on the Alamo), and NOFX's Fat Mike — although the latter claims he handed out glasses of tequila, not piss, to fans at a 2010 show. After so many years of partying, is it possible his emissions are 90 proof?

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