SF Weekly Letters February 26-March 4, 2014

A Failing Grade

Reader points out it's not the teachers' fault: And that is why the public must honor these pensions ["Money for Nothing," News, Joe Eskenazi, 2/19]. It is not the average teachers' fault that these cretins of capitalism stole money. It saddens me that people are brainwashed into thinking that somehow the worker just pissed away his or her retirement. No, it's stolen by nefarious individuals in our society who make off with other people's money (i.e. bankers, investors). Put those bastards on the street.

Eric J.

Blog Comments of the Week

Findings don't stand up to scientific method: I don't even know where to begin criticizing the un-scientific nature of this article ["New App Proves Californians Can't Last That Long in Bed," The Snitch, Erin Sherbert]. Unless of course the spreadsheets app was distributed to a statistically valid random sample of sex-havers in the population of each state — no? So the results are limited only to users of this app? More accurately, it shows that the smartphone-wielding tech geeks obsessed with using an app for everything in California don't last as long at sex as the app-crazy smartphone users in New Mexico and Idaho.


Gay club is being hypocritical: Discrimination is discrimination is discrimination. A "straight bar" in the Bay Area, of all places, publicly proclaiming that lesbians are not welcome would and should be boycotted ["Queer Dance Party Ships in the Night to Straights: 'Don't Come'," Anna Pulley, the Snitch, 2/19]. Anyone who wishes to be treated as an equal member of the human race has no business discriminating against or excluding anyone based on something as ridiculous as sexual preference. Hypocrites.

Angie F.

A straight reader says he's okay with the club's request: I'm straight and am okay about this. I like a gay/straight mix in the dance clubs, but I don't want to step on their scene either.

Fred R.

A gay reader disagrees with the club's request: As a queer woman, I am incredibly embarrassed over this bullshit. We strive for equality and then [they] pull this?! I'm embarrassed beyond relief. Way to discriminate and be hypocrites.

Antonia F.

It's no longer the actor's choice on where his children are raised: I do not believe [Philip Seymour Hoffman] should have a say in where his children are raised. He has abandoned them, [he chose to] be high rather than be a parent ["Philip Seymour Hoffman's Will: Children to Be Raised in San Francisco, Chicago, or NYC," Mollie McWilliams, the Exhibitionist, 2/19]. Sorry, but that is how I feel. He had his chance and took another path.

Mel G.

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