Los Shucos: Gut-Busting Hot Dogs in the Mission

Whether or not hot dogs turn out to be the next It thing to get (re)discovered, everyone should make haste to the Mission to try one at Los Shucos. After becoming hugely popular in Guatemala after hot dogs first became a thing there decades ago, the quintessential American food has now boomeranged back to the U.S. as a regional delicacy of sorts. If you've ever been to Providence, R.I., and experienced the curiously insular food culture there, you know what a New York System is. Los Shucos is just as good.

Even a guy from Chicago thought so. A plump chorizo dog with terrific snap, the delightfully overloaded condiment delivery vehicle that was La Llorona — the "Weeping Woman" — makes a great addition to the 24th Street comfort-food corridor. Although the slightly undercooked bacon virtually disappeared beneath the onslaught of meat, ketchup, mustard, onions, avocado spread and general heat, the well-toasted bun never gave way. Even the last, more-or-less-meatless bite was enjoyable, with a minimum of sloppiness — which is important for street food usually eaten while standing up.

It's an adorable space, too, essentially a stand but for the two-seat yellow table. The walls are lined with Loteria placards (the Mexican version of bingo) and the atmosphere is happy. Rabid anti-gentrifiers take note: Los Shucos is an affordably priced, Latino-run business opening basically dead center in our tech overlords' bullseye. Everyone citywide should be pleased.

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