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SF Weekly Letters March 12-18, 2014 

Wednesday, Mar 12 2014

Sounds of the City

Pay attention to who already lives in the neighborhood: I'm sick and tired of people moving into an apartment where they know there is a music venue/bar, or whatever, within a block proximity to them; and they continue to move in, then proceed to complain about the noise. I've seen so many venues fall to this and I think it's completely ridiculous.

Megan M.

Sex Work is Work

Sex column isn't very sexy: One wouldn't think it would be possible to make a sex column boring ["Traffic Jam," Siouxsie Q, the Whore Next Door, 3/5]. Can we get some sex in this sex column?


Don't forget to take note of how the law defines sex trafficking: Thanks for this, and the writer's dedication and her podcast. I want to add that "sex trafficking" in federal law does actually include consensual prostitution. Yes, most people's definition of "sex trafficking" is probably limited to inclusion of force or exploitation of minors, but the law conflicts with that, which is a problem and people need to understand that. Anti-prostitution activists and the laws in many states and the U.S. anti-trafficking law, the TVPRA, equate "sex trafficking" with contexts of voluntary sex work. Although sex workers and many progressives object to that conflation, many agree with the conflation, or don't really understand it.


Blog Comments of the Week

Maybe it's a different factor that's hindering the dating scene: Maybe a self-absorbed generation of people with impossibly high standards is to blame, and not the numbers ["Straight Men in San Francisco are Desperate for Dates," Mollie McWilliams, the Exhibitionist, 3/5].

Erik A.

Another reader, and member of the S.F. dating scene, weighs in: This is comical to say the least. Dating here is a shit-show. I guess they have to fly in girls who are paid to go on dates. If the men here would actually stop staring at their phones and relying on the Internet as a way to say hi to someone, they might land a date. I'm from Texas, I've been in S.F. for five years, and my dating stories are nothing short of hilarious. Not bitter, just think it's comical they're now trying to import their dates.

Julie B.

Taking off Google glasses is just a matter of dress code: Listen, I don't go anywhere I'm not wanted ["The Willows, a Fun Pub in SOMA, Bans Google Glass," Erin Sherbert, the Snitch, 3/4]. Some places require a dress code and if I'm not willing to put on slacks, I just don't go. There's plenty of places to drink and be happy in S.F. that wouldn't mind it.


Reader points to similarities between Google Glass and cellphones: It's a shame people don't know how Glass works and just make assumptions. It's not recording all the time and if someone is recording, other people can tell. If they ban Glass they should ban cell phones. It's just as easy to take video or pictures with a cellphone as Glass. And what about the security cameras that most bars have (wonder if The Willows does?), they are recording 24/7. There is no privacy in public these days, cameras are everywhere, I wonder how many people would still patronize establishments if they banned cellphones just because they have cameras?



In last week's music feature, ["Alone No More," Beth Winegarner, music, 3/5], we misspelled Bottom of the Hill's co-owner Lynn Schwarz's last name. SF Weekly regrets the error.

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