Gary Numan: Show Preview

One of the pioneering figures in synth-driven rock, British musician Gary Numan laid the groundwork for new wave, electro-pop, and industrial music with his chilly, futuristic sound. His original band, Tubeway Army, offered an edgy mix of distorted guitars and pulsing synthesizers on its 1978 debut, but Numan would embrace electronics completely on the group's breakthrough album, Replicas, and his subsequent solo effort The Pleasure Principle — which featured the massive international hit "Cars." While huge sales and lavish live spectacles maintained Numan's stardom in the U.K. well into the '80s, later forays into electro-funk and dance wouldn't find the same success. After years adrift, Numan reinvented himself in the '90s by delving into the grinding guitars and heavier beats of avowed acolytes like Nine Inch Nails leader Trent Reznor. Expect Numan to offer up dramatically recast classics and tunes from his celebrated new album, Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind), when he comes to the Fillmore this week.

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