Swing for the Fences: The Giants' Odd Pitch for Their Waterfront Lawsuit

In the realm of baseball, a man can be a success even if he fails twice as often as he prevails. In related news — we promise — proponents of an initiative that would mandate a vote of the people for every significant waterfront development were surprised last month when their foes appealed a judge's ruling affirming the measure should remain on June's ballot.

Attempting to strike a measure from the ballot prior to election day is a legal longshot. Appealing a judge's ruling in such a matter is even more so. But then, the entity bankrolling the lawsuit against the height-limit initiative is the San Francisco Giants — would-be waterfront high-rise developers and major league baseball franchise.

Swinging for the fences offers a low probability of success — but rich rewards for those who prevail. Well, strike two: The Court of Appeals last week spurned the plaintiffs' petition.

Waterfront height-limit backers portrayed the Giants' move as one of desperation. But that, too, may be a move of desperation.

What this move revealed is an opponent set on winning by any means, cost be damned. It also likely portends a glut of Giants money bankrolling flashy mailers to voters exclaiming that the county's Democratic Party opposes the height-limit initiative — and so should you! Political chin music is on the horizon.

Play ball.

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