The Snatch: Well Aware That the Angels Are Thieves

When Spying Goes Awry

Two self-described techies are mourning the loss of their new drone, which went missing recently as it flew over the Panhandle. "My buddy was showing off and took it really high and lost control of the signal and it just floated away," says Max Johnson. "We believe it fell over on Oak Street between Masonic and Clayton, possibly up Page Street." What makes the loss even more devastating is that they had a "pretty expensive" GoPro attached to the quadcopter. Being the overly equipped tech bros that they are, the duo used their other drone to fly above the crash site, scanning for the lost gadget. When nothing turned up, they papered the neighborhood with flyers, offering a reward to anyone who returned it. Johnson wouldn't say how much the item cost, nor would he reveal how much they are willing to pay to get the gadget back. And at this point, they're losing hope. "I'm almost certain someone picked it up and kept it," Johnson says.

One-Shop Stopping

It's a Haight resident's dream come true: Amoeba Music has become a one-stop shop for both music and marijuana. Hoodline reports that the popular music store is reportedly offering medical cannabis cards to those in need of weed. Well, technically, a company named Green Evaluations is reportedly issuing the ID cards out of an upstairs office space in the Amoeba building. The physician responsible is Dr. Francesco Isolani, according to the news outlet. The clinic operates the same hours as Amoeba — everyday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Walk-ins are welcome. Oh and while you're there, you might as well grab a copy of Neil Young's surprise album A Letter Home, which was released last week and is available only on vinyl.

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