Woodhouse Fish Co.'s Crab Sandwich Is Buttery Indulgence

Steamed Dungeness crab requires nothing more besides a little (or a lot of) melted butter and a squeeze of lemon. But when sandwiched between a buttered split-top sourdough roll, well, sometimes you need to make exceptions in life.

Woodhouse Fish Co. gets the bread for its crab rolls specially made and shipped to it each day. The outsides of the roll are coated in butter and then heated to a crisp on a griddle. The bread's center contrasts nicely, slightly soft from absorbing the butter-soaked crabmeat. Though a sourdough, it's not overpoweringly so, allowing the sweetness of the delicate crabmeat to come through.

The dish is served with a side of long thin-cut fries — salty and crispy enough — and a small bowl of coleslaw that is nothing worth writing about, but can and should be eaten as a last bite to end your meal on a lighter note.

The crab roll is available at both Market and Filmore locations and is priced at $18 for a small (pictured above) and $26 for a large. It's not by any means a cheap sandwich, but you know what they say: treat yo'self.

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