We're not going to reveal what happens at the end of the current iteration of Godzilla. Here's a hint, though: The hero survives, even if one of our more scenic bridges does not. There figures to be a sequel; this was, after all, the 29th installment of the venerable giant lizard franchise.

Enter disaster.Exit rent control.
Enter disaster.Exit rent control.

We have no idea what will be demolished next. Or when. And, in this, a special effects-laden sci-fi blockbuster is not that different from the San Francisco of this world, shaky as it is.

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Moe Fuggin Rowland
Moe Fuggin Rowland

SF is gonna get leveled by a huge quake and it would take year's just to fix the sewers and overhead power lines. Hopefully the end result is the SF Gate gets better writer's cause this is stupid.

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