SF Weekly Letters July 16-22, 2014

Tick Tick Boom

Making bombs and Facebook posts: Huh, well, if the meandering Facebook messages quoted throughout are any indication, I think I might know why nobody wanted to work with Ryan Chamberlain: He's a whiner ["The Enforcer," Joe Eskenazi, feature, 7/9].

Also sounds like something of a narcissist and a drama queen. Of course, it might not be fair to judge a guy off his suicide note (which he now says was not, in fact, a suicide note, but whatever), but I'd guess most people grit their teeth a little bit whenever Chamberlain's needy voice butts into any story about him.


Column misses the point of why an escort site was shut down: This sex columnist doesn't seem concerned about trafficking or underage prostitution at all ["Red Alert," Siouxsie Q, The Whore Next Door, 7/9]. The fact is that it is not legal, so there are not any safeguards in place. So yeah, MyRedbook.com needs to be shut down.

Lydia S.

Blog Comments of the Week

Boycotting the place behind the non-boycott: I only go there to get one thing, [but] I will shop elsewhere ["Rainbow Grocery Decides Not to Boycott Eden Foods," Anna Roth, SFoodie, 7/10]. No need to support them if they feel it important to subordinate women! Who would have thought?

Michael F.

A boycott doesn't make sense: Is it not revolutionary that Rainbow even considered a boycott? Who else would even do that? Do you think Whole Foods would? People need to vote with their dollars and not buy Eden foods, then Rainbow won't either.

Does any other large grocer donate as much or to as many nonprofits as Rainbow? Does money spent at Whole Foods stay in the community or benefit some Republican in Texas? Vilifying Rainbow doesn't seem like the answer here.


If Facebook doesn't change, this user's out: Yep, I probably should quit Facebook ["Would You Quit Facebook for 99 Days?" Erin Sherbert, The Snitch, 7/10]. It really is limiting when it comes to DIY music announcements, and I can't spell anymore. So, if Facebook doesn't get kinder to the users, I think people will start gravitating away.

Alex W.

Another reader isn't a fan of Facebook: I am constantly on the verge of quitting Facebook. I get discouraged by the "dumbing-down" of the culture, as expressed in the encouragement of abbreviated communication. I keep at Facebook in the forlorn hope that there could be a change in the American intellectual culture, and that one day Facebook could truly be a means to intelligently reach out to one another.

Ronal W.

Sarcastic burrito comments are not lost on us: Well, you can't drive and eat a burrito at the same time ["Uber and Lyft Standoff Heats Up With Free Tacos," Rachel Swan, The Snitch, 7/9]. Gotta have one hand on the wheel to run someone over. A taco is the perfect solution.


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