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2002 Stories by Adrienne Gagnon

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  • Anxious Times

    published December 4, 2002

    I'm not sure what I expected, really. Tear gas, flower-clogged gun muzzles, passionate speeches proposing radical resistance? Eighty thousand... More >>

  • Block Party

    published September 18, 2002

    One of the great absurdities of the Bay Area art scene is that Oakland, home to a staggering number of local artists, has long lacked many viable... More >>

  • Introductions

    published July 24, 2002

    Summer is a sleepy season for the art world. Curators and gallery directors flock to Europe's art carnivals (Documenta, Art Basel, and the like),... More >>

  • Sights and Sounds

    published May 8, 2002

    "Sampling," a small exhibition of work by Christian Marclay at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, is a rare treat. Though Marclay has been... More >>

  • Pic Tease

    published March 20, 2002

    Self-professed feminist artists have steadily faded from the scene since the heady days when Judy Chicago crafted dinner plates shaped like labia... More >>

  • Heads Up

    published January 23, 2002

    "Hey check it out -- Alan Greenspan is a rug! That is so rad." The hipster chicks sharing a cigarette on the sidewalk in front of the... More >>

Archives: 2005 | 2004 | 2002 | 2001
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