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2004 Stories by Adrienne Gagnon

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  • Taking the Bait

    published December 22, 2004

    Chris Finley's artwork has always been luridly contemporary, holding a slightly cracked mirror up to the baroque excesses of modern culture. He... More >>

  • The Disaffected

    published November 24, 2004

    For centuries, young dreamers have been lured westward, abandoning their cozy colonial homes to seek fortune and adventure on the shores of the... More >>

  • Double Exposure

    published September 22, 2004

    There's not much to look at in Southern Exposure's galleries these days. To be fair, that's sort of the idea: "The Way We Work," an exhibition... More >>

  • Outsiders In

    published August 18, 2004

    Who are the beautiful losers? They're the kids who sneak into parking garages late at night to sail their skateboards over smooth asphalt, with a... More >>

  • Linear Thinking

    published July 21, 2004

    Artist Phil Knoll approached Catharine Clark, the owner of the gallery where he exhibits, at last winter's "-scopeNew York" art fair. "You know... More >>

  • Cool Strokes

    published June 23, 2004

    On one such blazing afternoon, to the delight of my cruel, cruel roommates, I discovered that Ocean Beach isn't that kind of beach. You know, the... More >>

  • Sound Affects

    published April 21, 2004

    "We find far more enjoyment in the combination of the noises of trams, backfiring motors, carriages and bawling crowds than in rehearsing, for... More >>

  • The Hey! Quit Your Whining Guide to World Travel

    BY Adrienne Gagnon

    published January 21, 2004

    Ever been caught leering at the glossy centerfold of a Lonely Planet guide? Do you pore over the package deals on Travelocity day after day,... More >>

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