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  • Words + Guitar (+ Beats + Skronk)

    published December 31, 1997

    Jeff Stark's Top 10 Records Released in 1997 1) (tie) Spiritualized, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space The Perfect Prescription,... More >>

  • Reviews

    published November 26, 1997

    Various Artists Audio Alchemy 2 (Ubiquity) DJ compilations promising new experiments in beats and sampling are about as rare as... More >>

  • Costume Jewelry

    published November 5, 1997

    Raise your hand if you've heard this before: "Now, for the first time, the unauthorized, behind-the-scenes story can be told ...." Bulging with... More >>

  • Reviews

    published October 15, 1997

    Mecca Normal Who Shot Elvis? (Matador) Mecca Normal don't mess around with introductions. The opening sounds of "Medieval Man,"... More >>

  • Reviews

    published September 24, 1997

    Various Artists Wild Style Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Rhino) Back in 1982, artist/director Charlie Ahearn made a... More >>

  • The Probe Guy

    published September 3, 1997

    Let's get one thing straight: Aaron Muentz is not the Larry Flynt of punk zines. Nor is he the Hugh Hefner, or the Bob Guccione. "I don't even... More >>

  • Racket

    published July 16, 1997

    We all hanker for convenience, and this yen occasionally leads to a temporary suspension of preference. There's what-we'd-rather-do (in my case,... More >>

  • Racket

    published July 9, 1997

    Deborah Gibson is a bit flustered. She's just informed the audience that she's going to have to leave a little early tonight. "If I don't make my... More >>

  • Racket

    published July 2, 1997

    Julia Sweeney begins her monologue God Said Ha! by 'fessing right up to why she's an actress: She craves attention. As one of those people who... More >>

  • Racket

    published June 25, 1997

    I never thought I'd say anything like this, but I miss Courtney Love. The old Courtney, that is; the one who was always shouting and making a... More >>

  • Racket

    published June 18, 1997

    The summer-movie mind-set has become as inescapable as summer. This sort of thinking demands that we go see every one of the big, dumb Hollywood... More >>

  • Racket

    published June 4, 1997

    Time and the supermarket tabloids have proven over and over that the only thing more unfortunate than a child star is a child star who grows up.... More >>

  • Racket

    published May 28, 1997

    "Sex: In America an obsession. In other parts of the world a fact," Marlene Dietrich once said. Female sexuality seems to be the obsession of the... More >>

  • Racket

    published May 21, 1997

    I can't help feeling like I might be invading Carol Van Dijk's privacy. The Bettie Serveert singer -- swaddled in a gargantuan sweater, face... More >>

  • Racket

    published May 14, 1997

    There's a song on the John Wesley Harding album It Happened One Night called "July 13th 1985." A blow-by-blow recap of that day's Live Aid... More >>

  • Racket

    published May 7, 1997

    In the ongoing high art/low art debate, comic books have gained increasing respect over the years, but are still held at a distance by many... More >>

  • Racket

    published April 30, 1997

    For years, the zine underground has produced a vast array of forums for every obsession you can think of (and many you'd rather not), but lately... More >>

  • Racket

    published April 23, 1997

    Following the video-driven, stagy excesses of the '80s (as epitomized by David Lee Roth), something akin to a style recession changed the look of... More >>

  • Racket

    published April 16, 1997

    With the trends of at least three recent decades being revived simultaneously in music, fashion, and pop culture in general, it would seem that... More >>

  • Racket

    published April 9, 1997

    Those who don't get MTV might have believed they were safe. But those five perky, cartoonish faces were gleaming out from the pages of every... More >>

  • Racket

    published April 2, 1997

    If you want to know what the rock 'n' roll lifestyle looks like during downtime, take a walk by the Phoenix Hotel some morning. It's a tiny... More >>

  • Luv Story

    published March 26, 1997

    To paraphrase Dwight Okita, a poet I'm fond of, an artist's greatest responsibility is to constantly diversify, branch out, and evolve. But now... More >>

  • Suburban Renewal

    published March 19, 1997

    I'm sitting there in the dark of the movie theater, slightly confused, wondering what's wrong in Suburbia. Richard Linklater's new film captures... More >>

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