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  • Michael Jackson, Zombie

    published December 15, 2010

    Money and death were on Thomas Edison's mind in April 1878. Money, as usual, because Edison was the Gilded Age's favorite boffin. And death,... More >>

  • The Books show their archivist instincts

    published November 24, 2010

    In 1998, the Books didn't exist yet. Holding their place was a tower of MiniDiscs hovering conspicuously in the corner of Paul de Jong's New... More >>

  • Ghostface Killah talks about God on "The Apollo Kids"

    published November 10, 2010

    It doesn't matter what the question is. If you're looking for an answer, don't ask Dennis Coles. This is what 15 years of press clippings have... More >>

  • Teenage Fanclub chases lost songcraft on its ninth album

    published October 6, 2010

    Rock bands tend to begin in secret. They are formed in the daydreams of adolescent boys and girls turned on by a record or magazine article or... More >>

  • Menomena finally grows up

    published September 8, 2010

    "We formed in 2000," Justin Harris says. "Ten years ago this autumn, in fact." Here, his voice takes a sudden leap from its usual unassuming... More >>

  • Herbal Melodies

    published June 16, 2010

    Medical marijuana. What is it? Is it legal? Will it turn me into a raging sex fiend, or make me as cool and suave as Robert Mitchum? Is it a... More >>

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