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  • The Scalawags of Fisherman's Wharf

    published December 17, 2008

    On a recent Friday afternoon, the scene at Pier 49 at Fisherman's Wharf was postcard perfect. The sun glistened off the decks of three rows of... More >>

  • Gay porn star Michael Brandon vows comeback

    published December 10, 2008

    To the fans of Michael Brandon, the beloved San Franciscan gay porn star with a 10-inch cock named Monster, a stubborn crystal meth addiction,... More >>

  • Jerky Boy

    published November 26, 2008

    From the Bushman to Frank Chu, this city has a vast and dazzling array of kooks. To this collective, we humbly propose the addition of Damisi... More >>

  • Clash of the Quackers

    published November 12, 2008

    On a recent Saturday afternoon, 14 tourists with plastic duckbilled noisemakers roped around their necks boarded the Peking Duck, a maroon... More >>

  • Mind Games

    published October 22, 2008

    Last week, the 2008 United States Memory Champion — San Francisco resident Chester Santos — hopped a plane to the Kingdom of... More >>

  • The Rise and Fall of the Monster

    published October 1, 2008

    When the careworn, emaciated man in the powder-blue long-sleeved button-down shirt drifted in through the courtroom doors, not many took note.... More >>

  • RAT Entrap

    published September 17, 2008

    One chilly October evening in the Bayview, Shakka Clyde Jones was standing near a bench when trouble stumbled in his direction. The trouble... More >>

  • Identity Plagiarism

    published September 3, 2008

    There's a new member on the popular San Francisco–based online sex forum AskIsadora. Her name, apparently, is Jo. She purportedly joined... More >>

  • Room with a Few

    published August 20, 2008

    It wasn't meant to be one of those damned open houses. They — the innumerable aspiring Tiger House roommates — were... More >>

  • NBC11 reporter Traci Grant still on the air

    published July 16, 2008

    TV news gets blasted all the time for being shallow and overly image-conscious. But do NBC11 news execs think they have a legitimate concern... More >>

  • Blowin’ Up

    published July 16, 2008

    If we told you there’s this great band – this balloon bass band – called Unpopable, what would you think? Would you... More >>

  • The Principal Matter

    published July 9, 2008

    Around 10 a.m. on Wednesday, June 11, a graduating eighth grader on the honor roll took the podium to speak at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.... More >>

  • Not Present

    published June 18, 2008

    On Wednesday, June 4, an American flag billowed in the wind outside the Fort Mason Conference Center, where the San Francisco Unified School... More >>

  • Bleacher Report and other sports blogs fight for respect - and access

    published May 21, 2008

    On the sidelines of professional sports events around the nation, there's a less-discussed competition that can get more heated than the games... More >>

  • Snitch

    published May 21, 2008

    It's 7 a.m. on April 16, and Deanna Johnson's alarm clock is going off. She ignores it, and lies so still she could be mistaken for a corpse.... More >>

  • Free Parking for Sale

    published April 2, 2008

    It's not exactly official. It's just two square logs tucked between the pavement and the Caltrain depot, flanked on either end by rusted... More >>

  • New Planning Director's Beau, Lance Farber, Sought by Washington Health Officials

    published March 5, 2008

    Unless you've been comatose for a week, you've probably heard that Lance Farber, the chiropractor and (ex-?) boyfriend of planning director... More >>

  • Dancing Mime Gets Kicked Off the Golden Gate Bridge

    published February 27, 2008

    On a recent cloudless Saturday afternoon, Ashley Lauren Saks pirouetted across the Golden Gate Bridge wearing white face paint, red lips, a... More >>

  • Osama Hunter Greg Shade Captured on IndieFest Doc American Hero

    published February 13, 2008

    The New York Post called Greg Shade a "daring Yank." Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, a longtime friend, told CBS that Shade was... More >>

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