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2002 Stories by Bernice Yeung

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  • Girl, Interrupted

    published December 18, 2002

    On a typical November day at Northwestern University, the winter snow begins its descent onto the campus, located just north of Chicago. It's a... More >>

  • Clown Without Borders

    published December 4, 2002

    The first time Moshe Cohen, the leader of the American arm of Clowns Without Borders, performed for the refugees from Guatemala's civil war in... More >>

  • Collect Calling

    published October 30, 2002

    The first film Rick Prelinger bought for his world-famous collection of industrial and educational movies was When You Are a Pedestrian, a... More >>

  • Toy Story

    published October 2, 2002

    Wandering through Valencia Street's Good Vibrations, we're feeling a bit ... uninspired. Ten-inch Cyberskin Vulva Fleshlight? Seen it.... More >>

  • Gluing for God

    published September 4, 2002

    On a cold Saturday afternoon, the Rev. Trismegista "Tristy" Taylor greets congregants as they arrive in the "chapel" of her unusual church, which... More >>

  • Mission's End

    published August 28, 2002

    Victor Miller, the local publisher and neighborhood advocate who was best known for "comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable" as... More >>

  • Breaking Out

    published August 21, 2002

    It is a Monday evening at Cell Space, a Mission District arts venue, and the last rays of sun filter through the yellowing skylights, casting the... More >>

  • Dancing With the Butoh Masters

    published July 17, 2002

    There's a dirty corner of Mission Street, where a sushi restaurant called Country Station shares space with hoodlums and homeless drunks, a... More >>

  • Joy of Shopping

    published July 10, 2002

    It's a brilliant, bright Saturday afternoon in San Francisco, and the last thing we want to be doing is trudging through the vapid, fluorescent... More >>

  • Race for Space

    published June 26, 2002

    It is a scorching June afternoon, and Wayne MacDonald, his shock of white hair blowing in the light breeze, stands in front of a vacant Bayview... More >>

  • Throwing Away the Key

    published June 5, 2002

    Eddy Zheng took a deep breath, concentrating as if he were in a Buddhist meditation session. Searching for a quiet calm, he tried to radiate peace... More >>

  • A Black and White Issue

    published May 1, 2002

    When Amtrak hired Abner Morgan to do electrical work in its East Bay rail yard in 1990 for $9.69 an hour, the Oakland native figured he'd landed a... More >>

  • Shut Up!

    published April 3, 2002

    The sun rises quickly as Bernie Krause steers his SUV decisively around the corners of a road winding up the Mayacamas Ridge that separates the... More >>

  • Shear Talent

    published April 3, 2002

    Shear Talent Hairstylist Bruce Choy was at a Stanley Jordan concert in 1985,... More >>

  • Go Nuts

    published March 13, 2002

    From a distance, it is a typical winter weekend at Washington Square Park. The wind is gusting, and joggers and dog-walkers streak across the... More >>

  • The Chess Man of Market Street

    published March 6, 2002

    The Chess Man of Market Street Every morning, sometime between 10 and 11, 77-year-old Floro Bagasala leaves his... More >>

  • My Country Versus Me

    published February 27, 2002

    My Country Versus Me By Wen Ho Lee and Helen Zia Hyperion (2002), $23.95 A Convenient... More >>

  • Divided Loyalties

    published February 20, 2002

    Rene Pascual stands expectantly against the wall of a darkened hotel banquet hall, sipping a glass of whiskey in nervous anticipation. The lengthy... More >>

  • The Price of Citizenship

    published February 13, 2002

    It is a stunningly sunny afternoon in late January, and a Secret Service agent wearing all black waits impatiently as his bags are checked in at... More >>

  • The Last Hope

    published January 23, 2002

    Olivia Wang sits at a computer in her cramped office on McAllister Street, surrounded by five cardboard boxes. The boxes are nondescript, holding... More >>

  • A Test of Faith

    published January 9, 2002

    For 15 years, Catherine Karas has made a living as an "energy healer," working for some years from a spotless but cozy Tiburon condo with a... More >>

  • But Is It Science?

    published January 9, 2002

    Does distant healing actually work? If it works, can scientists really study it? The jury is still out on both questions. Critics of distant... More >>

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